Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?

Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?

Hero is Yasmeen Ghauri in Playboy, 1994

Welcome to our indie beauty corner where we delve into the latest hair trends as they flow through everyone’s Instagram feeds.

In today’s article, we’re looking into Rezo cuts – or whether you should want one at all.

The Rezo cut is a hair cutting technique for curly or wavy hair that is known for giving your hair that round shape and a lot of body around your face.

But hold on, before you rush to the salon chair, let’s take a moment to examine whether this trendy cut is the right choice for you.

We’ll explore alternative options and celebrate the versatility of various curly hair styles beyond the defined curl look.

Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Rezo curls by @curlsamore
Fluffy curls by @itsashleyreuben

The Rezo Cut is a specialized haircut specifically designed to enhance and shape natural curls. It was popularized by the talented stylist Nubia Suarez, who developed the cutting method known as the “Curly Cut by Rezo.” This technique involves carefully analyzing each curl pattern and customizing the cut to encourage bounce, volume, and definition. By strategically removing weight and adding layers, the Rezo Cut aims to unleash the full potential of your natural curls.

Don’t Do It If You Have Attachment Issues With Your Curls

While the Rezo Cut has gained significant popularity for its ability to get you the defined curls, it’s good to weigh all your options before taking the plunge. For one, are the polished curls even your aesthetic?

Maintaining your waves or curls is no easy task and a lot of people who straightened for a long time abandon the idea during the transition period. Natural isn’t always better and you might get to miss being able to run your fingers through your hair.

Meanwhile, the squeeky clean look of defined waves is all over social media. It can be that you would actually enjoy an alternative more - it just hasn’t reached your Instagram feed.

Fluffy loose waves on African hair. Full tutorial in this reel

One alternative worth considering is a blunter cut, reminiscent of the uber aesthetic 70s and 80s era when fluffy, voluminous hair reigned supreme.

Fluffy hair styles are just now starting to get some attention. I think that’s great because the brushed out, slightly fluffy look can really have that old Hollywood glam.

It can also look very dark femme, if you remember some of the iconic runway looks of Yasmeen Ghauri. You wouldn’t get that vibe with a Rezo cut.

Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Yasmeen Ghauri in the 90s

A blunter cut is not better or worse. It simply offers a different aesthetic. It all depends on what exactly you are embracing: the sculpted curl pattern or the voluminous aspects of brushed out waves?

The brushed out style can create a playful, retro-inspired look that oozes confidence and embraces the spirit of big, bouncy hair. And, let’s say it, on thinner hair it will be easier to maintain than a curl pattern.

So, if you find yourself drawn to the free-spirited vibes of the 70s and 80s, the blunter cut might be the perfect choice for you.

Defined vs Fluffy: Scroll Through And Decide Yourself!

Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Hair by @edward_urban
Defined curls by @carolc.cosmo
Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Rezo cut with a fringe by @fortheloveofcurlssalon
Loose fluffy glam waves by @jasminzelenko

Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Exploring the Rezo Cut: To Get or Not to Get?
Short curl cut by @taishairstudio
Just slightly separated curls by @robocurly


Pros, Cons, and Ideal Hair Structures for the Rezo Cut

  • Embracing Natural Texture: One of the key advantages of the Rezo Cut is its focus on embracing and enhancing natural texture. This technique was developed specifically for individuals with curly or wavy hair, allowing them to showcase their unique curl patterns. Unlike traditional straight-edge cuts, the Rezo Cut takes into account each curl’s bounce, shape, and density, resulting in a customized and dynamic hairstyle.

  • Precise Curl Sculpting: The Rezo Cut is all about precision. It involves meticulously cutting individual curls at specific angles and lengths to encourage optimal curl formation and movement. By sculpting each curl with intention, the Rezo Cut creates a visually stunning and well-defined shape, bringing out the best in your natural texture.

  • Enhanced Volume and Bounce: When executed correctly, the Rezo Cut can add volume and bounce to your curls, giving them a more dynamic and eye-catching appearance. By removing weight and bulk in strategic areas, the cut allows the curls to spring up and move freely, resulting in a fuller and more voluminous look.

  • Customized Shape and Balance: The Rezo Cut is highly customizable, taking into account the unique characteristics and needs of each individual’s hair. With careful consideration of face shape, curl pattern, and personal preferences, the stylist can create a customized shape that flatters your features and enhances your natural beauty. This attention to detail ensures a balanced and harmonious look.

  • Requires a Skilled Stylist: One of the potential downsides of the Rezo Cut is that it requires a skilled stylist who specializes in working with curly hair. Not all hairdressers are experienced in this technique, so it’s essential to find a stylist who has undergone proper training and has a good understanding of curly hair types and textures. This expertise ensures that the cut is executed with precision and care.

  • Length Considerations: The Rezo Cut works best for individuals with medium to long hair lengths. This allows for optimal curl definition and movement. While shorter hair can still benefit from the technique, longer hair showcases the full potential of the Rezo Cut, as it allows for more curl manipulation and sculpting.

  • Ideal Hair Structures: The Rezo Cut is particularly well-suited for individuals with naturally curly or wavy hair. It works wonders for diverse curl patterns, from loose waves to tight coils. Whether you have classic S-shaped curls, spiral curls, or kinky curls, the precision and customization of the Rezo Cut can enhance your unique texture and amplify the beauty of your curls.

Thinking Beyond Defined Curls

While the Rezo Cut offers enhanced definition and bounce, remember that there is beauty in embracing a variety of curly hair styles.

Consider experimenting with different lengths, layers, and textures to find a cut that suits your unique personality and desired look. Whether it’s loose waves, fluffy curls, or defined coils, your curly hair can shine in various styles that transcend the boundaries of convention.

As you embark on your hair transformation journey, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of different haircuts. While the Rezo Cut has gained popularity for its ability to enhance natural curls, don’t overlook the allure of a blunter cut that pays homage to the voluminous hairstyles of the past. Remember, exploring different categories and embracing your curls in versatile ways can lead to exciting and unexpected transformations. So, before taking the scissors to your tresses, take the time to contemplate your options and choose the cut that truly speaks to you and your unique style.

Stay tuned for more hair inspiration and beauty tips in future editions of IndieYesPls!