7 Characteristics of a Strong Woman: Rising Above & Owning it

7 Characteristics of a Strong Woman: Rising Above & Owning it

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Throughout the ages, women have revolutionized history and culture with their strength and courage. From the Greek Goddesses of wisdom and war to modern day celebrities, strong women have excelled and gone above and beyond to contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

If you’ve ever pondered what makes a strong woman stand out, we’ve broken it down into 7 essential characteristics.

From a fierce work ethic to interesting fashion style choices, a strong woman is one part guts, two parts glamour.

Sure, she might be borrowing some fashion advice from Beyoncé or taking beauty tips from Rihanna, but her most valuable asset is her own resilience and power.

Ready to learn why strong women are influential forces of change? Let’s explore the 7 characteristics of a strong woman.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Ah, the mighty female! She stands solid and sure, grounded on the surefire foundation of her own strength. From Beyoncé to Billie Eilish and beyond, women of the indie music world are setting examples of what it truly means to be a powerful woman. To celebrate these iconic female icons and their collective strength, we put together a list of 7 characteristics of a strong woman–started by one of indie music’s biggest stars. Read on to learn why Billie Eilish’s success is inspiring and how you too can embody these 7 pillars of female power.

7 Pillars of Female Power: What Billie Eilish Can Teach Us About Being A Strong Woman

When it comes to female empowerment, Billie Eilish is a shining beacon. A now-veteran of the indie music scene, Billie’s success was both fast and hard-earned. Her style and sound kept the world enthralled and her lyricism spoke her truth–from her smoky eye to her baggy streetwear, Billie has become the epitome of what it means to be a strong female in the indie music world.

Embedded within her powerful persona are 7 essential characteristics of a strong woman, embodied by Billie Eilish and other female indie icons.

  1. Positivity: Life doesn’t look the same for everyone, so finding the positive amidst the negative can be a challenge–but not for strong women like Billie. With her optimistically charged lyrics and her bright, energetic music videos, Billie inspires us to seek the sunshine amongst the clouds and keep a positive attitude–all while still being her complexly expressed self.

  2. Integrity: A solid self-concept makes a strong woman. Billie Eilish is proof of that. From embracing her “not perfect” body to her openness about her struggles with mental health, Billie defies the constructs of what a female artist can and should be. She stands by her convictions, always staying true to her roots and to herself.

  3. Courage: One cannot be a strong woman without courage. From her fearlessly fearless fashion choices to her bold lyrics, Billie Eilish is here to prove to us that as a woman, having courage is an inevitable part of achieving success.

  4. Resilience: Those who are not easily swayed, even in the face of opposition and adversity, have this highly important characteristic of a strong woman. Billie Eilish is the living embodiment of resilience and perseverance.

  5. Passion: A spark for life and a passion for her art is what sets Billie Eilish apart from the crowd. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her music speaks to our desire for joy and adventure.

  6. Self-Awareness: The power of self-awareness is an undeniable one, and Billie Eilish is certainly aware of her own power. From her conscious lyrics to her articulate interviews, Billie has shown us that she has it all–brilliant star power, and the wit to match it.

  7. Confidence: Confidence is the underlying pillar of a strong woman’s foundations. Billie’s anthemic lyrics and her signature dance moves speak volumes of her courageous nature and unflinching confidence. When it comes to strong women, there’s no higher compliment than the one bestowed upon Billie Eilish by fellow artist, Lil Nas X, who said: “Billie Eilish is an example of what most women want to be and should be.”

Channel A Strong Woman by Being Inspired By Billie Eilish

There’s no denying that it takes a special kind of strength to make it as far as Billie Eilish has. From her Grammy awards to her historic SNL performance, she’s set the stage for what it means to be a strong woman in the indie music world. Achieving and embodying these 7 essential characteristics of a strong woman takes courage, resilience, passion, and enthusiasm, as well as a heap of self-awareness and confidence–all of which Billie Eilish holds in spades. So what better place to start channeling your inner powerful female than the trendsetter herself? So go ahead and be inspired by Billie’s strength, because if you want to be your own powerful woman, you gotta start somewhere!

The Aesthetics a Strong Woman Will Lean Towards

The modern-day strong woman is a force to be reckoned with. She is knowledgeable, creative, and her voice is often heard on the front lines for justice and inclusion. She wears her wardrobe with confidence and passion, mixing pieces from brands such as Laquan Smith, Robynx, and Nastygal to create a no-nonsense look.

Her beauty routine is just as strong as her focus, as celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Alicia Keys share their latest makeup and skincare tips that can easily launch a new trend.

At the same time, there’s no doubt that the strong woman knows when it’s time to remove her makeup and go au-naturel, maybe even without Botox.

All these aspects work together to create a multifaceted, liberated, and confident woman.

From fashion designers to actresses, a growing number of celebrities are proud to identify as a strong woman and aren’t afraid to show it. They declare that strength isn’t defined by gender and revel in the 7 characteristics of a strong woman: ambition, resilience, fearlessness, confidence, generosity, determination, and creativity.

Take Beyoncé, for example - she embodies every aspect of the strong woman mentality, emboldening her fans to accept and appreciate their individual strength while proudly rocking fierce look from her own fashion and beauty collections. Similarly, Yara Shahidi has spoken up about her strong woman values- confidently using her voice to speak out for inclusivity while inspiring her young fans to do the same. It’s no coincidence that both of these powerful stars make clothing and beauty icons out of the phrase- wear your strength on your sleeve.