50s Aesthetic Guide: The Classic Feminine Style

50s Aesthetic Guide: The Classic Feminine Style

The 50s aesthetic in women’s fashion is a style that never really left the fashion circles. It is not usually known as 50s retro, mid-century retro or anything like that. People call it simply the classic femininity, or the classic elegance.

In the plainer iteration, 50s fashion was all about the feminine silhouette. Wide, below-the-knee skirts, the thinnest possible waist and a top that covered most of the skin that we nowadays expose.

Taking it into a more aesthetic vibe, you’ll still get the high-waisted skirts, but this time with polka dots and accessorized with cat-eye glasses. Both ways, 50s fashion exudes an undeniable charm and vintage appeal.

Why were the 50s like that

The 50s vibe was all about the post-war optimism and the hope of a better tomorrow. It was a bold vision considering the destruction, and people wanted to do their best building up on all the good and beautiful principles that governed everyone’s memories of the pre-war past.

This is a mood that many people today can somewhat relate to. On the other hand, the 50s was also the system that promoted systemic oppression based on arbitrary characteristics, which in turn gave rise to counter-cultures in the coming decades.

If you’re just in it for the clothes though, there’s a lot of fine stuff to take in. From poodle skirts to leather jackets, 50s fashion offers timeless pieces that never go out of style. Whether you’re looking for something fun or sophisticated, 50s fashion has it all!

50s Aesthetic Day-to-day Outfits

50s fashion was based on people yearning to return to the traditional way of life before the war. Did that work out? Not really, the 60s and 70s came with their anti-traditionalist subcultures and one giant liberal movement.

The 50s was a time when fashion designer Christian Dior made his first fiercely popular styles. Dior himself confessed that he considered himself a reactionary and just wanted to make clothes that looked like the myth of what women wore before the war.

The mood in the society was right for that and with the attentive craftsmanship and classic lines, Dior took off in a massive way. The flagship designs were for skirts below the knee and tops that accentuated the waist.

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The pearl necklaces are still seen in today’s old money aesthetic

Despite the underlying social mess, 50s fashion is still to this day synonymous with the old-school conception of femininity and in the Western world with the better times.

The fashion was brightening up everyone’s mood with poodle skirts, bobby socks and cat eyes and those elements are still staying relevant in our wardrobes years later.

50s jewelry was often similarly elegant and had a classic, put-together look. It usually featured pearls, diamonds, gold, and silver pieces. 50s jewelry also included things like brooches and pins that were used on women’s jackets at that time. The designs were usually dainty and modest - flowers and such.

Some that 50s fashion and jewelry was made to be timeless, others say it was boring. Either way, it’s the reality that the 50s classic style is in people’s heads. It will take some time before it loses its allure, if ever.