What types of facial can you take in the shower?

What types of facial can you take in the shower?

Facials are meant to be a relaxing experience. You are supposed to get somewhere cozy, get some aromatic candle burning and either enjoy the silence or put some soft relaxing music.

Well, that’s very nice. But what if you just don’t have the time for all this?

Some people will tell you to skin on facial entirely in that case but I think it’s always better to have a quick facial in the shower than no facial at all.

In this post I will list out some of the types of at-home facials that are fine to use in the shower and some of those that absolutely will not work.

Get Glowing Skin with These 4 Easy Shower-Friendly Facials

In the spirit of not wasting time, let me get to the money right away: Exfoliator facial is one of the easiest facial treatments to do in the shower. It helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, giving it a fresher, brighter and more glowing look.

This type of facial can be done with either physical or chemical exfoliants. Both can be used in a shower, the moisture of the steam will not hinder them at all.

Scrub facials in the shower

Physical exfoliants usually consist of facial scrubs, but you can also use facial cloths or brushes. Scrubs are by far the most shower-friendly type of facial. You don’t need to leave them on for a long time to get the effect, it’s just about massaging the scrub over your face.

If you use honey scrubs or scrubs that come with a highly nutritive formula full of natural oils or proteins, you will want to leave the scrub on for a minute after you massage your face with it.

This way your skin will soak up more of the ingredients and the heat and moisture of the shower will definitely help with that.

Organic cleansing grains for at-home exfoliating facial from Etsy: ButterMeUpOrganics

No need to stress yourself with that though, the time you’ll need to wash your body will be enough. Just start with the facial, then finish your shower and at the end rinse your scrub off too, as the very last thing.

Acid peels in the shower

Chemical exfoliants, on the other hand, are made with mild acids and enzymes that smoothen the surface of your skin and also work to help your skin shed dead cells faster.

Chemical peels do usually need five to ten minutes to act, you need the acid to really get into your skin. If you like quick showers, then acid peels are perhaps not the best idea. If your showers are long then you are fine, though.

Then there’s another option and that is using a stronger acid. Here’s a ultra strong 50% enhanced lactic acid serum that is done in 1-2 minutes, but consider yourself warned! Don’t go to extra strong acid peels unless you’ve been doing peels for a few years now and your skin is used to them. If you are new to acid peels, your skin would just get irritated.

Ultra strong 50% enhanced lactic acid serum on Etsy: WePeelShop

Caffeine facials in the shower

Caffeine facial is a great facial for those who are always on the go. The caffeine facial is designed to provide an energizing and refreshing facial treatment that you can do in the shower. It’s a great facial for those who don’t have much time or don’t want to commit to a full facial treatment.

Caffeine serums and facials usually work fast, within a few minutes. There are at-home facial recipes that use ground coffee as a powerful exfoliant, too, by the way.

Nutritive facials: Not so good for the shower

Nutritive facials are usually hydrating facial treatments that also focus on nourishing the skin. They use nutrient-rich ingredients like natural oils and proteins to strengthen and protect your skin, while also providing antioxidants and vitamins to help give it a healthy glow.

These facial treatments are meant for those who want to improve their skin’s natural barrier and texture by adding fats and proteins to its surface level.

For this reason, nutritive facials are not the best to use in the shower. If you still want to save time with them though, you can do your scrub while you’re showering and put on your nutritive mask after.

Exfoliating beforehand will make the nutritive facial more effective, and scrubs are great for showers!

Clay facials: Let me tell you about a better alternative

Clay facial is a treatment that focuses on deep cleansing and detoxifying your skin. Clay masks are meant to absorb impurities, oils, and other residue from your pores while also providing detox with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are usually present in the ingredients mixed with the pure clay. Common additions are matcha tea, ground herbs, tea - really good stuff.

The facial includes applying the clay mask, leaving it on until it dries, then rinsing it off.

Sadly, clay would never get dry in the shower.

As such, clay facial is not a facial treatment that you can do in the shower. Again though, if you want to save time and have a detoxifying facial treatment, then you can do your scrub while you’re in the shower and then put on your clay mask afterwards.

If you want a detoxifying skincare that is good for the shower, try a facewash with activated charcoal. They sell these in bar which is the best way for the shower. You’ll get the detox cleanse without spending time waiting for the clay to dry.

Activated charcoal face wash in a bar from Etsy: ButterMeUpOrganics

Everyone loves facial treatments because they not only help to make you look and feel better, but also are a great way to take some time for yourself. Facials can give you that much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself.

Do you want to treat yourself with a facial but don’t have the time for it? Don’t worry - facial in shower is here to save the day! Facials in the shower are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an easy and convenient way of giving your skin some love without sacrificing precious minutes from your busy schedule. In this post, we have explored all about facial in shower - different types of facials that can be done within a few minutes, its benefits and tips on how to perfect your facial routine.