Blonde, But Better: The Lived In Blonde, or the Beach Bum Hair For Your Summer Nostalgia

Blonde, But Better: The Lived In Blonde, or the Beach Bum Hair For Your Summer Nostalgia

If you’ve been looking for a fresh way to update your look, “lived in” blonde hair might just be the ticket. This style is gaining popularity just now at the end of summer, thanks to its perfect blend of modern ease and old-world glamour.

The soft, sun-kissed look is the sort of hazy, faded blonde that you get when you’ve been to the beach a few times and your hair naturally lightens here and there. It’s a trend that goes against the the structured, done-up highlights (although those look great too!).

Celebs like Blake Lively have been leading the pack with this style before it even had a name. It’s the effortlessly put-together aesthetic and a laid-back, don’t-care attitude. Best of all, “lived in” blonde hair has a versatile, low-maintenance vibe to it, giving you the perfect opportunity to experiment while still giving off an air of sophistication and timeless style.

It’s the perfect combination of throwback charm and on-trend chic, and it’s clear to see why everyone is going crazy for it.

Living Life Effortlessly Blonde: The World’s Obsession with the Lived-In Look

Let’s be honest — the old money aesthetic has taken over Instagram and for better or worse, it is still to this day associated with lighter hair colors. Because “I don’t have to care that much” is basically the old money vibe in a nutshell, the lived in blonde became the must-have blonde of the aesthetic.

Even if you’re not into perpetuating old standards, the laid back blonde has the power to turn heads and the versatility to look good on nearly every skin tone.

But what is it about laid back blonde that’s so alluring? First of all, it conveys a sense of effortless sophistication. Think of it as of the French girl charm: You are just living your life, not fretting when the sun bleaches your hair out of your geometrically precise salon highlights. The salt-and-pepper highlights add a touch of elegance, but not in a way that overcomplicates things.

Also, there’s no need for an excessive amount of upkeep. Lived in blonde looks great even when it’s actually lived in.

13 Best Lived-In Blonde Styles for 2023

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Add a Dash of Effortless Glam: The Insta It-Look

In short, it’s the sort of hair color that your grandma probably once sported, or the more modernized version of a classic—in any case, lived-in blonde is the ‘it’ shade for trendsetters everywhere. So what’s the secret behind the lived-in blonde craze? It’s not your typical salon hue, and the forgotten beach effect it’s known for is just one of its many endearing qualities—a faded blonde that’s been crafted through sun exposure and time, giving it that daredevil, carefree loveliness that cannot be replicated.

This look goes great with the old money casual aesthetic, as well as with the softie aesthetics. You could even co-opt it for the ballerina aesthetic - ballet dancers sure don’t have the time and space to retouch their hair color every week. It looks great with wear-anywhere pieces like crisp white shirts and tailored pants. It also pairs perfectly with summery linen and cuff bracelets. These easy, effortless pieces can be found at thrift stores and indie boutiques, with each one adding a unique flair to your overall ensemble.

The lived-in blonde, with its subtle imperfections and laidback allure, proves that sometimes the less-than-perfect shade is the one that looks the most fashionable. After all, trends come and go but laid-back casual aesthetics worn with confidence are here to stay.


No matter what the roots of it are, the power of old money beauty is undeniable. It embraces the idea of low-maintenance beauty, and implies that life is too short to worry too much about how we look. Lived in blonde is an alluring look that will get you noticed in any situation. So don’t be afraid to give it a try – you won’t be sorry!