20+ Retro Aesthetic Wallpapers: Space Exploration & Vaporwave

20+ Retro Aesthetic Wallpapers: Space Exploration & Vaporwave

Retro aesthetic design is any style of visual art that seeks to bring a retro feel and look to the present.

There are many retro aesthetic flavors out there. They often include elements like vibrant colors, retro patterns, geometric shapes, and classic illustrations - but they don’t have to.

The retro aesthetic look can be found in many forms of art such as posters, music videos, fashion trends, video games… Retro aesthetic wallpaper is a great way to bring retro style and charm to your devices and take it together wherever you go.

Space exploration and flower children

Retro aesthetic art is all about bringing nostalgic charm together with modern design. That’s why a retro aesthetic wallpaper should make it easy to create an environment that can take you back in time.

The vaporwave aesthetic is one of the first retro styles that comes to mind: The aesthetic is built on being airy and full of atmosphere. Being an 80s throwback, the typical color palette will feature some neons on a dark background. The vibe is supposed to take you to a city in the middle of the night, with tons of people clubbing and having fun.

Related to that mood, at least visually, might be the retro wallpapers with cosmic themes. This style of art came up first in the 70s with the beginning of space exploration, and is one of the retro art currents that is not yet played out as much.

I have included some classic retro graphics and flower children slogans too, though - just for good measure.

Here we have curated a list of retro aesthetic wallpapers, featuring vibrant colors, retro patterns, geometric shapes and classic illustrations - so you can find the perfect retro look that best suits your taste. Don’t forget to support the artist and buy the HD version from their shop.

Let’s dive in!

Retro Aesthetic Wallpapers in Cosmic or Vaporwave Vibe

The space exploration vibe of the 70s went straight into the neon tech mood of the 80s and the following vaporwave trend. Let’s look at iPhone wallpapers for these dark, dreamy aesthetics.

Etsy: TaudalpoiDesigns


Etsy: vopoprint

Retro Aesthetic Wallpapers in Hippie and Flower Child Vibe

Etsy: KittyStrandDesigns

Etsy: PinkRoadPrints

All slogans above from Etsy: pupedigitalstore

Etsy: PrettyLittleMocks

Some more classic retro designs

This curated wallpaper list focuses on the space exploration and city life styles of retro. But there is so much left of retro to explore!

Whether you choose vintage floral patterns or retro geometric shapes, retro aesthetic wallpaper will help to create an atmosphere that feels like it’s been taken right out of the past. With retro aesthetic wallpaper, you can add retro charm and style to any environment.

Retro aesthetic art often has vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow and green. It may also have those typical geometric patterns like stripes or checkered patterns.

One typical retro visual is to combine a black-and-white checker with pastel colors in an abstract way. If you want to add retro vibes in a more toned-down way, retro aesthetic wallpaper with pastel colors and minimalistic patterns or geometric shapes are also great choices.

To wrap it up, retro aesthetic wallpaper is the perfect way to bring retro charm and style into your laptop or phone. Whether you choose vintage floral patterns, retro geometric shapes, vibrant colors, retro patterns or classic illustrations - there’s something for everyone! With retro aesthetic wallpaper it’s easy to create an environment that can take you back in time and make any dull space unforgettable.

So if you are looking for a cost-effective way to transform your interiors with nostalgia of the past, then retro aesthetic wallpaper just might be the answer.

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