Reclaim The Look: Bold Aesthetic Looks With Retrocore

Reclaim The Look: Bold Aesthetic Looks With Retrocore

Retrocore is a retro aesthetic that takes the retro part of its name seriously. It’s not just a bangle bracelet here and there, it’s retro through the whole nine yards.

When I say retro, if you’re like most people, you will probably imagine the 60s. And there’s a good reason for it. The 1960s marked a pivotal time for many countries around the world, making way for a new era of social and cultural transformation.

This period was also inextricably linked to the rebellion of youth and young adults pushing boundaries and questioning the authoritative status quo.

Perhaps nowhere was this shift more evident than in the world of music. So let’s go straight to the source for the inspo.

Dirty fingernails, oh boy what a prize!

The siren call of ‘rebel girls’ scouting the trends and fighting the status quo could be heard loud and clear in the girl band Shangri-Las’ single Leader of the Pack. In this song, the group sang of boys with ‘dirty fingernails’ and a ‘fast motorbike’, a stark departure from the typical male heroes of the day.

Reclaim The Look: Bold Aesthetic Looks With Retrocore
Reclaim The Look: Bold Aesthetic Looks With Retrocore

Shangri-Las on a promo photo vs a random snap.

The Shangz didn’t stop at that, of course. Look at those outfits and the big lashes! That was a sultry vibe for the early 60s. This rebellious attitude quickly spread like wildfire, inspiring expressions of art, fashion and music that celebrated the rebellious actions of youth culture.

The Shangri-Las may have unintentionally kickstarted a counterculture movement that included a particular mix of style, attitude, and self-expression that was reflected in the trends of the time.

Mini skirts, bell-bottom jeans and high-waisted trousers provided an outlet for young people to express themselves and their individual style, while the mod style and the Carnaby Street look quickly became symbols of rebellion and revolution.

Debbie Harry of Blondie in the 70s. Imagine Taylor Swift, if she ever took a walk on the wild side.

This was reflected in music too, from The Kinks full-throttled anthem You Really Got Me, to the Beatles White Album, a collection of songs infused with social and political messages.

Retro-grunge leather biker jacket from bazhane

In art and exhibition circles, this newfound rush of energy was also evident. While pop art championed the commercial beauty found in everyday items, other forms of art focused on the darker underbelly of the day. The mass-produced imagery of the era - think blown-up comics and balloons painted on canvases - served as a powerful distorted mirror reflecting the shape of the times.

12th Tribe: Siren

The 1960s marked an important intersection of rebellion and creative expression that would continue to shape culture and society in the decades to come.

Young people around the world had found a voice and they were determined to be heard. The punk, rock and disco subcultures were still living on that legacy in 80s and 90s.

Retro Core: A Serious Take On Retro Aesthetics

The retro core aesthetic may look like the classic Parisian style of berets and striped tops, but it takes it to an avant-garde extreme. Retro core is about overdoing it – it’s about having fun with fashion, pushing the boundaries of what is seen as traditionally fashionable. It may be unrealistic and too much, but it’s perfect for those who want to express their own style and creativity in an unmistakable and powerful way.

60s mod replica, Etsy: SwingingChicksShop

Retro core outfits typically incorporate vintage pieces in unique and interesting ways. Think bright and bold patterns, statement-making accessories, and eye-catching colors. These outfits often have a strong narrative, too – they tell stories of days past and of modern trends served up with a vintage twist.

But there’s more to retro core than just what it looks like. This style is rooted in nostalgia and a longing for simpler times, as well as a desire to express yourself in a unique and unapologetic manner. It’s deeply personal and celebrates a sense of freedom and individuality.

When it comes to creating a retro core outfit, the possibilities are pretty wide. One can choose to combine contrasting elements, such as pairing a pin-stripe dress with a bright, printed silk scarf or a leather jacket with an embroidered skirt – this look creates a memorable visual impact. Similarly, pairing a classic tweed blazer with a statement-making pair of earrings, or a vintage floral dress with chunky jewelry, can give a classic look with just the right amount of edge.

MissPatina: Charlene

Retro core outfits often evoke images of old Hollywood glamour, but there’s so much more to them than just looks. This style encourages a sense of creative expression and exploration of self, offering an opportunity to make a bold statement that speaks to the person wearing it. It’s an aesthetic that embraces the past while embracing the present, offering a unique way to express yourself and your style.

Mrs Pomeranz: Anna

Retro core has been described as the perfect way to take a fashion statement to the next level. If you’re looking to make an impact, retro core outfits are an ideal way to do it. With its unique charm and timeless appeal, this style is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement that nobody can ignore.

60s & 70s to the extreme: Inspo

The sixties were an iconic decade, particularly when it came to fashion. During that decade, a distinct retro aesthetic became commonplace, with a focus on youthful, vibrant and skin-tight outfits for women. It was the decade that made miniskirts a staple of fashion, and a symbol of bold female liberation.

The boldness of the sixties fashion aesthetic was a reflection of the era, which was a time of radical change and experimentation. Versatile and often outrageous outfits pointed towards a new social dynamism and fearlessness. Skirts had a particular symbolism; they were a signal that traditional ideas and customs were being abandoned in favor of something more modern, edgier and unashamedly liberated.

Etsy: Juniperboutique1

As the first piece of clothing to show the shape of the wearer’s body and reveal skin in such a daring manner, miniskirts expressed the youthful energy of the era and the defiance to conform. The daring lengths in which they were made were seen as a display of female confidence and self-assuredness. The wiggle and skater dresses, often accompanied by towering pointed boots, also emphasized the body’s curves and personality of the wearers.

Adding to the aesthetic were the bright, vibrant colors associated with the decade. Color blocking, geometric shapes and psychedelic prints combined to create daringly bold looks. Even daywear had a psychedelic twist, many times featuring loud patterns and graphic lines that evoked a festival-like atmosphere.

Etsy: MoxieTheLabelLtd

The 60s aesthetic represented a shift in attitude, with fashion that was both daring and in touch with the reality of the time. It was a way for women to express their individual style and ambition, showing that they weren’t afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd. It also played a powerful role in helping to redefine what “femininity” meant, and ultimately in helping to create a society that would be more inclusive and equal for women.

Retro Core Aesthetic Outfits: How to wear it?

When it comes to actually constructing a retro core outfit, the main aim is to combine both vintage and modern pieces in a unique, engaging way.

Accessories are a great way to achieve this, with pieces such as headscarves, chunky jewelry, patterns and shades of fabrics, can add a touch of retro enthusiasm to any outfit. Colors should always be kept as neutral as possible, while pops of things like pastel shades or bold reds and yellows can also be incorporated, creating an eye-catching ensemble.

Finally, when creating an outfit in the retro core aesthetic, one should always bear in mind that clothing is ultimately just a tool for expressing true personality. Every outfit should be tailored to represent its wearer in the most personal and meaningful way.

With retro core, the mixture of old and new components carries a sense of appreciation of both the past and present, while having a timeless quality that ensures it can be worn anywhere.

Overall, the advantages of the retro core aesthetic are evident, it is both visually eye-catching and full of the nostalgic appeal. Anyone can make the look their own by blending it with elements of personal style, allowing for the wearer to be true to themselves and unique in the fashion landscape.