Etsy Y2k Aesthetic Vendors

  • Zoneblanche
  • Y2kcutegems
  • Melodesignsart
  • Klinzdesigns
  • Comfyfitstudio
  • Agijensendesign
  • Scrimsy
  • Gopolarisstudio
  • Discoverpeculiarshop
  • Staticseoul
  • Weirdtakoyaki
  • Kawaiikave
  • Yellowthreadd

Y2k Aesthetic Boutiques

Fashion Designers for Y2k Aesthetic Clothes

  • Extreme Cashmere
  • Valentino
  • Balmain
  • Emilio-pucci
  • Moncler

Baggy clothes, trippy colors, and chunky shoes are all popular among people who are into Y2K aesthetics.

Webcore aesthetic is all about having fun with design and pushing the boundaries of what was once possible on the web.

Webcore roots in the same period of time as the Y2K aesthetic, but it chooses to highlight the tech aspect more than your usual Y2K aesthetics.