Dreamcatchers for boho indie decor (Inspo)

Dreamcatchers for boho indie decor (Inspo)

Hero is a teal dreamcatcher with a wire tree from SpiritualArtistLine on Etsy

I am not sure if dreamcatchers in pop culture are strictly a Millennial thing but the fact is that dreamcatchers have been used for centuries by many Native American tribes in both the North and South America.

What does a dreamcatcher symbolize?

A dreamcatcher is not a symbol of any deity, they have been used as a spiritual tool to protect sleeping people from bad dreams. The belief is that you get nightmares when a stream of bad energy comes around you where you sleep.

The dreamcatcher, as the tradition says, will catch and filter out any negative energy or harm, while allowing only the good and positive thoughts to continue building up your dreaming.

Not everyone believes in spiritual energies, but at its core, you could say that a dreamcatcher symbolizes protection, hope, love and the celebration of life. It can also stand as a reminder to hold onto your positive thoughts and be kind with yourself in order to protect the positive influences in your life. That is the original purpose of dreamcatchers.

I think that’s a pretty good reminder to have in your bedroom, even if you are not spiritual.

How To Fit Dreamcatchers In Your Room Decor?

Dreamcatchers are great if you’re into boho aesthetics. Boho is one of the evergreen aesthetics that became trendy in the 70s and never really left the scene.

Rumor has it that Millennials have contributed heavily to our current revival of all things boho. The reason is that Millennials were the first ever laptop generation. It was them who started going to Mexico and Bali to spend two weeks in overpriced rustic retreats and blog about it. That style quickly caught on and so far did not really fade.

If you don’t resonate with that kind of lifestyle, don’t let that stop you - It’s not the fault of the dreamcatcher.

And besides, there is plenty of dark-colored dreamcatchers that will fit you perfectly if you like the witchy aesthetic.

Here’s a boho dreamcatcher inspo, going from black and dark dreamcatchers through colorful ones all the way to beige and white dreamcatchers.

Witchy black minimalist dreamcatcher from VanirCreations (Etsy)

Himhandmade (Etsy)

Moon shaped black dreamcatcher by RuyakapaniDesign (Etsy)

Green and brown feathered dreamcatcher from VidaHandmadeUA (Etsy)

ElizaDreamCatchers on Etsy specializes in neon and other bright colored dreamcatchers

Also from ElizaDreamCatchers


Etsy: DreamSShopVn

Etsy: Himhandmade

Etsy: Himhandmade

Etsy: Himhandmade

Etsy: DreamSShopVn

One last way to make use of dreamcatchers in your room decor is if you want to make your room a little bit more towards aesthetics like goblincore, but still keep it cute.

Dreamcatcher can be that element that will add some visual interest and also perhaps a certain benevolent vibe. Goblincore rooms can be quite a lot if you build up the aesthetic just with mushrooms and tree branches.

There are a few ways to incorporate dreamcatchers into your bedroom. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang one up in your window with strings and feathers for an elegant look.
  • Place several small dreamcatchers above your bed.
  • Hang a dreamcatcher on the wall or over the doorway for protection.
  • Place it in an interesting location such as inside a terrarium or near a bookshelf.

Dreamcatchers are also great gifts, so if you have friends who prefer the boho look, why not surprise them with an original handmade dreamcatcher? Earrings made into the dreamcatcher theme, complete with feathers and all, can also make for an amazing gift.

Dreamcatchers are a great addition to any room, whether you want a spiritual atmosphere or just some more visual interest. They can also be symbolic of protection and love, so why not add them to your bedroom today?