If someone displays these 7 traits, they are truly into aesthetic fashion

If someone displays these 7 traits, they are truly into aesthetic fashion

Hero: Dress Artemisia from Mrs Pomeranz

“Beauty is an inside job”. That’s what they say, and looks like we have something close to a tangible evidence to prove it.

In the world of fashion, appearances can often leave a lasting impression. It’s not uncommon to come across someone who exudes charm and captivates our attention effortlessly.

Most people are happy to think that this person just has “it”, that it’s a kind of charm you’re born with. But the reality is that sometimes what we perceive as natural charm is simply a result of someone’s ability to curate an aesthetic appearance.

The art of looking effortlessly stylish and put together can create an illusion of charisma that may in fact hide years of work behind it. I think there’s beauty in that.

So, as we navigate the world of fashion, let’s celebrate both the artistry of aesthetics and the authenticity that lies beneath, allowing us to truly appreciate the charm that goes beyond a well-curated appearance.

I’m one of those people who believe that the way you choose to physically present yourself is in some ways a reflection of your character, even if the ways are much more complex than the usual stereotypes.

We’ve all heard of this transformative realm of beauty and makeup, but few truly understand it. We choose the way we dress, but the way we dress reflects back and can have a transformative power that in turn influences our character.

Maybe you know of this powerful effect, or know someone who does. We have compiled a list of the essential traits that will make it clear that someone is a master of aesthetic fashion.

The Power of Aesthetic Fashion: 7 Traits That Show Someone Has An Eye For Aesthetic Fashion

  1. They are Bold With Colors

    People with an eye for subcultures are always ready to make a statement with their look. Aesthetic fashion encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and choose bold, vibrant colors that will draw attention. This look is not about blending in with the crowd, but rather embracing who they are and what makes them different.

    Photo by @themichaelhani

  2. They Can Keep it Minimal

    While bold colors and unique styles are encouraged in aesthetic fashion, it is also important to know how to tone things down sometimes. That can mean keeping things minimal and basic sometimes as a way to relax their senses and “flush out” so to speak.

    It can also be an aesthetic statement, as in trying to express a subculture without leaving any space for doubt. Too many accessories or details can draw attention away from that unique style and can make the look too busy.

  3. They Wear Their Confidence

    Wearing the right outfit is important for aesthetic fashion. However, more important than the clothing itself is how they wear it, which is why confidence is essential. Standing up straight, either making eye contact or wearing sunglasses, and smiling can turn any outfit into a head-turning, powerful one.

    Crown from CarbickovaCrowns

  4. They Make Their Hairstyle Work For Them

    While trends come and go, aesthetic people know it is important to find a hairstyle that will not limit them. It could be a basic style that is easy to maintain and easy to mould with their mood, or on the other hand a style that will proudly show off their favorite aesthetic. Choosing a style that frames their face and draws attention to their unique features allows people to focus more on them and their personal style.

  5. They Experiment With Makeup

    Makeup can be used to enhance or change our look with just a few simple swipes that wash off at the end of the day. What better way to find your stride in the aesthetic magic than through makeup? Creative people know that. Whether it is a smoky eye, a bold lip, or something more subtle, we all should feel free to experiment and find what works best for us.

    Hair by @hairbylunabelle

  6. They Found Their Signature

    One of the great things about aesthetic fashion is that it provides the perfect platform to find and express our unique style. You can start by figuring out what styles you like in broad strokes and then stick with some of them. Over time we end up developing a certain signature vibe as we settle in our ways, even if we continue to experiment.

  7. They Are Comfortable In Their Own Skin

    The last and most important trait of aesthetic fashion is for them to be themselves. This look is all about expressing who they are, so they should focus on what makes them feel comfortable and confident. And above all else, they should have fun and be creative!

True charisma goes beyond aesthetics and resides in genuine character and a magnetic personality that shines from within. Your appearance should help you express yourself.

So, if someone displays these 7 traits, they are truly into aesthetic fashion. This look is all about embracing your unique features while expressing who you are. Unlock the power of this transformative realm of beauty and makeup—you’ll be sure to turn heads with a look that truly reflects your individual style.

With these 7 traits, you can master the secret to aesthetic fashion, too. Unlocking the door to this world of enchantment and sophistication, you can transform the way you look, feel, and live.