70s Aesthetic Guide: The Roots Of The Witchy Vibe

70s Aesthetic Guide: The Roots Of The Witchy Vibe

The 70s fashion aesthetic was a reflection of the tumultuous social and political undercurrents that characterized the decade. With its earthy colors, ethnic patterns and devil-may-care baggy silhouettes, 70s style outfits were meant to be expressive and rebellious in nature.

The look was often seen as an expression of individualism and freedom from conventionality during a period of immense change in society. The standards of classic femininity known from the famous mid-century retro look were now widely scoffed at. Liberation, sexual revolution and extraordinary mind experiences were the direction that the young wanted for their society.

Was that overdue or antisocial? That question still spurs debates to this day. But we are not going to resolve that issue in a fashion blog.

Let’s look at the 70s style outfits

From bell bottom jeans to crop tops, platforms shoes to maxi dresses - these iconic pieces are now widely recognized as timeless staples within fashion history. 70s style outfits continue to be a source of inspiration for modern fashion trends, most notably the boho and gypsy aesthetics.

In its darker, mysteriously feminine way, the witchy aesthetic also has its roots in the 70s.

The typical 70s party outfit was wildly eclectic and embodied a more relaxed, fun-loving attitude. To recreate this look today, try pairing vibrant florals with wide-legged trousers or light denim jeans with a pair of chunky heels. Whatever you choose to wear, there’s no doubt that 70s style outfits will give you an effortlessly cool and unique look.

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70s style work-wear

For the work day however, it was all about exuding professionalism. Many 70s working women opted for sharp tailoring and structured silhouettes in neutral, red-brown or very muted pastel hues.

If you want to recreate the office-ready look of that era, try simple pieces such as a crisp white blouse with a pair of beige trousers or a camel colored midi skirt with a matching jacket.

It’s not very aesthetic, right? Just really plain and minimalist. I think working women of the 70s were still all about taking up as little space as possible.

Best hairstyles for a 70s inspired outfit

No 70s outfit is complete without the right hairstyle. An easy way to achieve a 70s look is with a classic center part and voluminous curls. For those of us blessed with naturally curly hair, simply add some moisturizer and let your locks do the talking.

For people with straight hair, using a curling iron to create gentle waves is another great option. Or, if you want a more daring look, channel your inner Farrah Fawcett with a feathered hairdo!

Whatever 70s style outfit you decide to try out, don’t forget to have fun with it. Because that’s what the 70s fashion was all about - expressing yourself and breaking free from the norm! And it’s still relevant today. So go ahead – put on your favorite 70s inspired outfit and let your inner rebel shine!

Whether you’re looking for a 70s-inspired look to channel in your everyday wardrobe, or simply aiming to add an eclectic edge to your existing style - the 70s aesthetic is sure to provide a unique and eye-catching look.