10 Most Aesthetic Purple Hairstyles (Featuring Purple Ombre, Chunky Highlights, and Grungy Hair)

10 Most Aesthetic Purple Hairstyles (Featuring Purple Ombre, Chunky Highlights, and Grungy Hair)

When it comes to fashionable hair makeovers, purple is having a major moment right now. Whether you’re looking to rock a subtle ombre style to add a touch of flair to your everyday look, switch up your hairstyle with bold chunky highlights, or even go full-on Hollywood glamour with a grungy hairstyle – purple is the perfect color to get the look.


If you’re feeling inspired to get your purple on, look to the kawaii scene – a lot of folks there have been seen rocking purple wigs or at rainbow hair heavy on purple.

But pink and purple hair has infiltrated even grunge and Y2K, with a new trend of chunky highlights toned into bright colors.

So, let’s stop wasting time and dive into the most aesthetic purple hairstyles the internet has to offer – focusing on Asian hair. Come let’s get to work finding your perfect look!

Lavender Dreams: 10 Of the Most Aesthetic Asian Hairstyles

Heads turn when you walk into a room with one of these looks. Asian culture has inspired iconic Aegyo sal, chonmage cuts, and trendy bed head, but this article is all about the most aesthetic Asian hairstyles featuring purple shades.

Move over blonde, brunette and auburn! It’s time for the purple-haired princesses to have their moment.


Ombre Purple — If you are looking for subtle yet statement-making way to add a pop of color, ombre purple is the perfect way to do it. Whether you are opting for a natural gradient from light pastel tones to deep indigo hues or an ombre of multiple shades from lilac to eggplant , this look is sure to turn heads.


Greige and purple - The greige tone is quite popular in Japan and other parts of East Asia. It does look very elegant on Asian hair, but if you don’t want to look too silvery and cold, just add the ashy purple. The vibe is completely different.


Chunky Highlights — When done in weird and wonderful ways you can stand out with a look that will get attention. Layering thick highlights in EP6KL0 and a star glitter that has been specially formulated for mixed hair, is a great way to switch up from traditional single-tone ‘dos.


Grungy Hair — If you want a bit of edge, think dark chunky hues and grungy, unkempt styles. Let your wild side run free with this look that says I don’t care what you think, I’m doing my own thing. Whether you’re scalp-shaving your style or leaving a long mane of curls, dive into your inner punk rocker and express yourself.


Purple is the daring, fashion-forward new way to revolutionize your look. If you want to boldly shout “I’m doing something else!”, then show the world that you have style by imbuing yourself with a magnificent mix of colors.

From classic to modern, from edgy to natural, purple jumps right out and makes a statement. For fun-loving fashionistas, you can’t go wrong with these 10 most aesthetic asian hairstyles featuring purple ombre, chunky highlights, and grungy hair.

Aesthetic Upgrades: The Best Purple Asian Hair Styles

This season, forget boring black and brown hair - opt for bold and beautiful purple!

The most aesthetically pleasing purple asian hairstyles come with ombre, chunky highlights and grungy style. Celebrate the turn of the year with an edgy grunge look, with waves and bright pops of purple to take the classic ‘do to the next level.


Or, keep it light and airy with an ombre dye job that fades from a dark roots to light pink and light purple tips.

For a style that combines the best of both worlds, go for chunky highlights to give a more natural look that still leaves a lasting impression.

No matter which style you choose, Asian culture brings together a mix of fashion, beauty and aesthetics that can’t be denied.

Let your style shine and glow up with purple hair this coming year! __

Purple may be an unexpected color for Asian hair, but the shade adds a beautiful, unique dimension that’s sure to turn heads. With the right shade and technique, you can find the perfect blend for a look that’s all your own. Show your daring side and explore the power of purple with Asian hair!